Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tourism Board Driving City of Florence Agenda?

We took a look back at the planning for the proposed 31-court tennis complex at Veterans Park. It goes back at least three years, probably longer. Almost every news article concerning the complex mentions the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board.

The tourism board ostensibly paid for plans for the courts. Board member Larry McCoy has referred to the courts as a done deal. Apparently it very well may be after the so-called second phase of park rejuvenation was added/expanded.  

McCoy originally predicted the project would be bid in August. We assume this bid refers to only the tennis court phase and doesn't reflect the new ball fields. We have to wonder just what the final bid will be. Recent bidding on several local projects has been much higher than anticipated. 

Of the four Florence City Council members reported to oppose the project, we also have to wonder just how many will change their vote. It will take two changes to give the complex the go-ahead; however, if the vote should be hopelessly locked at 3-3, the mayor could provide the tie-breaker. The latter scenario is rare, and we're sure Mayor Holt doesn't want to be placed in this position.


From Nigel Knorr:
If this small group of citizens who are in favor of building a big tennis complex in Florence are so adamant that this project will be SO successful, why don’t they build it themselves? Kinda puts a different swing (no pun intended) on things.


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