Thursday, July 27, 2017

New Florence Apartment Complex Won't Break Ground in Two Weeks

A TimesDaily article has lead its readers to believe the new college student centered apartment complex on West Irvine Avenue in Florence will break ground in two weeks. Our prediction is that it won't happen - at least within that time frame.

A reader who attended the last meeting regarding the complex reported:

*The planning department has questions about the traffic study.
*It appears those can be answered, but the commission wasn't willing to bend due to the potential impact. 
*The developer promised to have the questions answered within two weeks. 
*The commission seemed upset that no representative from city engineering was present, with several members making comments to the absence.

So where were representatives from the city engineering department? We can't answer that for our reader, but we do believe that Murphy was in attendance. 


Now on to the pressing question of who pulls Dan Barger's strings? Barger recently introduced a new plan for Veterans Park which would be financed by a 5% increase in lodging tax, not 3% as previously suggested. Is the city accountant, whom we believe was employed to count city funds, so to speak, empowered to revamp city plans so totally? If he didn't suggest the changes, who did? Why has the public no right to know where these ideas are coming from? Can we say "Tourism Board?"


BTW, we just purchased a very nice used Bentley for 1,000.00, it just needs a little motor work. Yes, there's no motor in the luxury car which means we're going to be out another 49K. So how much did we actually pay for the vehicle?

Saying we shouldn't include the cost of new ball fields in the cost of tennis courts is like that. If the tennis court complex can't be approved without the new ball fields, then the cost of the fields is totally a part of the cost of the complex.

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