Sunday, July 9, 2017

Bubba Shot the Jukebox...and Poodles

By now most of our readers know that a UNA police officer shot the operator of a motor vehicle early Sunday morning. Rumors and assumptions abound; let's look at them along with questions from our readers.

* Is the UNA Police page down on FB? It appears to be, but we don't know why.

* How many times was the driver, Jessica LaShae Dye, shot? The unconfirmed report is six.

* How many times did the officer fire his weapon? Apparently more than six.

* Was the driver black? No, she was a 28 year-old white female.

* Why was the driver identified and not the officer? Possibly the easiest answer is that ALEA can do as it chooses in the investigation.

* Is the press blaming the officer? We haven't seen that. We saw a few comments as to why an article would call Dye a victim. One of the meanings of the word "victim" is someone to whom something has happened. There are apparently two victims (or one victim and one would-be victim) in this instance - both Dye and the officer were on the receiving end of an action according to initial reports. 

* People are saying Dye, aka Poodles, wasn't doing drugs when pulled over. People can say anything. We will say that Poodles has quite a record of drug arrests and if she wasn't on drugs at the time of the incident, she is incredibly stupid. Actually, she's incredibly stupid either way.

* Where was the officer standing when Poodles attempted to run over him? We've saved this question for last. Initial reports, which are usually wrong on some facts, have said the officer checked Poodles for warrants after pulling her over for speeding. When he found she was wanted, he asked her to step out of the car and she then tried to run him down. 

Now think about that. When an officer speaks to you after you've been pulled over, where does he stand? Just a thought...


Prayers for both the officer and Poodles and her family. 

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  1. Definitely not in front of the car. That's why they're being so hush hush about this. I believe the officer will eventually be charged. However, where is the transparency?? If a citizen would have pulled that trigger he would have been splashed across the front page the next morning before he even had a bail hearing. Police should be treated no differently! If you don't want it done to your officers, then stop doing it to your citizens! The judicial system should be for the citizens to ensure THEY have a fair hearing and release of this information prior to being adjucated by the court system only further taints the possibility of a fair outcome. We DO want this but it shouldn't be a privilege just for the police.