Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hotter Than a Hershey Bar at the Dollar Tree?

For those who may not be Facebook junkies, you may have missed some hot times at local Dollar Trees. A Colbert County woman now finds herself banned from the Muscle Shoals store after reporting the retail chain for not doing the right thing by employees.

The air conditioning unit at the Muscle Shoals Dollar Tree has been out for almost four weeks, and no end is in sight for its employees. Several customers have called OSHA; however, we're not sure the federal watchdog is the correct governing body to take care of the situation. We're not sure there are any real legal violations, but we are sure there are some moral ones.

We also know that at least one of the two Dollar Tree outlets in Florence has problems with the A/C. It runs, but just barely. Late afternoon is not the time to shop there. Why is the chain refusing to invest in upkeep for the stores?


Speaking of cutting back, Lauderdale McDonald's stores are again cutting hours. This makes the second time in the past six months. If you're out late at night, you'd better like Krystal.


An arrest in the Rogersville attack? That's what we're hearing, but still have no definite information. Stay tuned...

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