Friday, July 7, 2017

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly?

We don't see too much exploitation of children in our era. Child labor laws prevent that. There's certainly sexual exploitation, and our laws carry special punishment for abusing a child under the age of 12. 

We now have special laws for taking financial advantage of anyone over the age of 60. A great many laws have arbitrary demarcations as to age; yet sociologists now define an "elder" as someone who has reached the age of 70. Our personal opinion is that anyone who dupes their patient/friend/family should face serious consequences. Perhaps it's just simply easier to use a certain age in this type law than to define what constitutes a serious illness.  

A great many who are duped financially are simply avaricious. Others are taken in by a pretty face and would be no matter their age. Others simply qualify as being absent from some of their holdings and not investing time or money in getting estimates of value on property sold (think the sex offender from Central who was convicted of bilking a woman in a timber sale). 

We were reminded of all this recently when a 75 year-old woman was arrested for such a crime:

We have no idea how many patients this woman cared for, but being a caretaker was obviously her vocation. If she stole from one (and this is only alleged at this point), she probably stole from others. Some may have been younger than she. 

Now let's hypothetically say this woman claims her alleged victim took advantage of her, perhaps didn't pay her. How does the law handle that? Dueling claims of elder abuse? How about shoot-out at Boot Hill?

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