Friday, July 28, 2017

Serial Abuser Ryan Kent Pollard Back to Jail?

Is so-called serial abuser Ryan Kent Pollard on his way back to jail? If you're not familiar with Pollard, here's most of what you need to know:

Now a reader tells us that Pollard is up for a probation revocation hearing, even though he claims all he lacks to be totally free is simply paying some fines. Why can't this extremely hard working man pay his fines? Well, it's like this, he says a friend stole all his money--the money he made from his highly in demand job of "deconstructing barns."

Pollard also admits to being behind for months in paying his fines; however, someone in the know tells us unless he's failed a drug test, blown off regular meetings, or been reported for new abuse, his probation officer should work with him. We know Pollard has been previously returned to jail at least three times for not making meetings/drug tests. This certainly seems a much more likely rationale for the new hearing.

What may happen now? Such revocation hearings are usually no more than a formality. Yet Pollard has been returned to jail numerous times and served no more than 60 days each time. He doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes, does he?

Why is he worth a blog? Those who read regularly know our policy on comments. In the entire history of our publication, Pollard is the only one ever to break the rule concerning promoting violence towards certain groups or individuals. He openly threatened a young woman whom he once dated and harmed physically. We unthinkingly deleted his comment before making a screen shot to send to his probation officer. We won't make that mistake again.


One young lady sent us word that Pollard had not committed any of the crimes attributed to him, with the exception of second degree possession of marijuana. No, of course not. There were no arrests or convictions. The news media concocted the arrests complete with mug shots.

Young ladies, sorry to put it this way, but just how gullible (dumb) are you? If bad boys are a necessity for you, why not pick an inside trader on the stock exchange? Wake up before Ryan Kent Pollard or someone like him actually kills you.

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