Friday, July 14, 2017

Police Officers Not Doing Their Jobs?

As a former law enforcement officer, it bothers me that I no longer see law enforcement officers in The Shoals conducting traffic stops.  We love to gripe and complain about Shoals drivers, but often fail to make the connection between poor driving characteristics of area drivers with the lack of traffic laws enforcement.  Some local LEOs that I have mentioned my concerns to offer up the following 'excuses':

* We're too busy responding to criminal activity.
* We've been told NOT to issue too many traffic citations.
* Working traffic is boring.

My responses to the above excuses have been:

* The crime reports in the TD don't support this response.  Either the officer isn't being truthful, the local LE agencies are under-reporting crime stats, or the TD isn't reporting all criminal activity.
* The various city councils and/or mayors issuing these edicts should be removed from office at the next election.
* WHY are you wearing a badge?  Are you a REAL law enforcement officer, or are you simply wearing a badge because you think it's 'cool'?  DO YOUR JOB! Please.


We'll be looking at Sheffield police in the next few days. Do they single out certain individuals? If you have any experience with Sheffield officers, let us hear.

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