Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two-Way Race for Senate...or Three-Way?/How Many Times Did Deputy Shoot?

Mo Brooks After Congressional Shooting

Many Montgomery pundits are saying it will be a Luther Strange-Roy Moore Republican runoff for U.S. Senate. Others are saying it could possibly be Luther Strange-Mo Brooks. Really?

Let's see, pick the most dishonest politician you can think of in Alabama. Yep, that would be Luther Strange. Next, pick the kookiest. Yep, that would be Roy Moore who once called Mad Cow Disease a political plot. Is this what Alabama deserves?

Perhaps these two men are what the state deserves if the majority of voters support them. Why do they support them? Mo Brooks may not be perfect, but he's not a nut-job and he's not dishonest (that we know of; we welcome comments). 

Mo Brooks is the state's best bet. Let's give him a chance.


This is just a random thought: A man, with presumed mental problems, attempted to back over a Lauderdale County Sheriff's deputy last week. How many times did the deputy shoot him? Take you time...

Kudos to the deputy for keeping his head. No one was hurt, James Allen Burbank was arrested, and the D.A. has one less case to consider. 


  1. What does Alabama deserve? Just what they have gotten since the gullible voters started voting for politicians who wanted to destroy them if they were poor, which most of Alabama is, and became blindly republican. After all, this state supported Donald Trump didn't it??? You get what you ask for, real life is not a reality television show. Of course, you can't tell Alabama voters that. Sometimes: "you can't fix stupid"

  2. BTW, since it is now fair season on a person's religious affiliation, a little known fact is that Mo Brooks was once a MORMON! A group who wears different "garments" and follows another "testament" of Jesus Christ. Enough to make a crosswalk supt at Highland Baptist Church think twice about supporting him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Have you considered that poodles tried to drive away after the first shot? Can forensics tell? Wasn't the mall cop just a little trigger happy?

    1. Not sure if forensics could tell unless she was driving away fast enough to create a long distance between first and last shot entering car. As for her driving away at all, she may have been too impaired to think that fast when officer began to fire. Your last question? We'll let the D.A. go with that one.