Monday, July 10, 2017

Poodles' Family Has Lawyered Up

First, we'll correct a comment we made on a FB post yesterday. Jessica LaShae Dye isn't married as we stated. She had previously been involved in DV/Assault with a man we believed to be her husband, but who is actually an immediate family member. Sources say he's retained an attorney or is looking for one.

As to shots fired by the UNA officer, we've heard as few as six with three hitting Ms. Dye. Family members who have contacted us are adamant the woman known as Poodles was hit nine times out of 14 shots fired. Ms. Dye was hit twice in the right arm, twice in a lung, and one shot grazed her head. Four other shots may be classified as flesh wounds, one in the left hand. 

Ms. Dye is very lucky to be alive. We hope there is some dash cam or body cam footage, but we reiterate that no one should ever attempt to flee from police. If you can't respect the person, respect the uniform. We'll add that going to jail for a few hours or even days is much preferable to being hospitalized for weeks or months while in severe pain.


What do drugs do to a person? Here are photos taken five years apart: 

How bad is anyone's life that they want to start doing drugs? No matter who is to blame for the UNA shooting, it wouldn't have happened if Poodles had been thinking rationally in the first place.

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