Monday, November 18, 2013

"FOR A FACT" about Jason Dewayne Green

Jason Dewayne Green of Franklin County is a man in a lot of trouble whether he or his employees want to admit it or not. It's obvious Green doesn't want to admit his alleged crimes; his attorney Billy Underwood will be taking each case to trial separately (of course, the judge may have something to say about that). We would hate to have Green's legal fees.

There does seem to be some question as to just what Green has been charged with--at least according to his employee who wrote this:

You are FOR A FACT lying about the stolen cars. I mean was you around at the time? Was you one of those reporters that was surrounding them like the paparazzi if Miley Cyrus was walking down the street?,,,,, Wait.....there were no reporters , just dumb @#+=:es like you assuming. And I hate to burst your bubble honey but there was no murder. But all of any part of that is none of your business. 

It's not hard to enumerate just what Green is indicted for; let's hope we don't leave any out...

...operating an auto theft facility and 98 counts of no records for secondary metal recycling transactions over $500, all felonies.They also each face 30 counts of no records for secondary metal recycling transactions under $500 and 215 counts of scrap metal records violation. Both charges are misdemeanors.

From the same TimesDaily article: In early September, the Greens were arrested for buying and selling stolen property. Investigators said they found two tractor trailers ­— one reported stolen from Hamilton and the other reported stolen from Daleville — at the Greens’ business. Another vehicle found at the business had an altered vehicle identification number, which is against state law. Authorities said several stolen vehicles have been recovered from the Greens’ business.

Of course, the above doesn't list Jason Green's indictment for Felony Murder in the death of his girlfriend Shay Ledlow. We're guessing Green isn't sweating the auto theft charges that much.

Yes, we here at Shoalanda are obviously lying. At least we're in good company--the TimesDaily, Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver, and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. As for it being "none of our business?" The last time we checked, any one under indictment was placed there by the citizens of the State of Alabama--that includes all those who write under the banner of Shoalanda.

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