Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Teacher-Student Sex is More Than a Molehill

It would be very easy to start out with a joke, but as one reader pointed out, problems at Vina are far more serious than losing a few ball games. Yet another reader sent us a Facebook posting in which a Vina High supporter accused this blog of making a mountain out of an ant bed, or words to that effect.

Boys' basketball coach Brian Scott Keeton has denied the allegations of sex with a 17 year-old student. If the allegations are false, the student should be punished severely. If true, Keeton should never be allowed to teach anywhere again. If true, we have to ask again, just what was this 40 year-old man thinking?


On a November 5th Facebook post, Brian Keeton's wife quoted from an article on how to "fireproof your marriage." On November 8th, the day Sonny Tibbs was arrested, she asked for special prayers. We hope everyone does pray for this lady and her child.

Let's also remember the family of the 17 year-old student. As a friend says, it's not always the parents' fault.


Okay...just one small joke: Coach Tibbs was booked in an Alabama hoodie. It's nice to see Franklin County is giving Auburn equal time.


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  1. Wow. First-Class Faculty all the way! What really gets me is when I see individuals refer to these cases on Facebook and try to play it down. It makes me wonder if some are too caught up in protecting "dear ole' Vina" from being shut down than acknowledging the truth!