Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nobody Knows...the Troublesome Facts

We sincerely strive to bring correct information to our readers; that doesn't mean we don't make mistakes. Certainly we see many mistakes in other published media. We welcome corrections and addenda, but often it's impossible to verify. Below are some thoughts on recent Shoals stories of note:

1. The weir at Cypress Creek -- it's been again reported by the TimesDaily that "at least four" have died in the drowning machine. It's not hard to locate the names of at least five who have drowned, and all should be remembered: Jerry Roberson, Allen Weeks, Max Harlan, Will Pannell, and Daniel S. Smith. If anyone knows of more victims, please send us their names and the circumstances of their deaths.

2. Sonny Tibbs -- had this to say about Tibbs: Tibbs, formerly a teacher and girls' basketball coach at the high school, was teaching at Vina Elementary School at the time of his arrest Friday; however, a source close to the school (as well as "Scout") has informed us that Tibbs formerly coached boys' basketball and has never been involved in coaching the girls' team. It's also been stated that Tibbs' duties were not changed in September, so any cover up did not involve a transfer (Apparently Vina is such a small school that all 12 grades are housed together). We welcome comment on this also.


Both the Quad-Cities Daily and Pen-N-Sword have had some excellent articles related to Greg Aziz and his arrest. Be sure to like them on Facebook.


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