Saturday, November 2, 2013

Criminal Appeals & Appealing Criminals

Attorneys for Hershel Dale Graham presented their arguments for a retrial in Graham's manslaughter conviction last Wednesday. Franklin County Judge Terry Dempsey has taken the matter under advisement and will issue his findings at a later date.

Most initial appeals are never granted. After all, Graham's attorneys are essentially asking that Dempsey find himself or his rulings negligent in some way. If the appeal is denied, Graham's attorneys will then seek the next highest court in their attempt to free their client.

Did we say "free?" Graham is basically still free after being convicted in the shooting death of David Andrasik. If the rotund retired wrestler is as ill as his attorneys have claimed, he may never make it to prison to serve any time.


Several readers have e-mailed us that Jason Green no longer wears an ankle monitor. Green is awaiting trial in Franklin County after being charged two years ago in the murder of Shay Ledlow. If these reports are true, it could be that Green has put up a larger amount of bail in order to have greater freedom in his comings and goings.

Shay's family is still waiting for justice...


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