Thursday, November 21, 2013

No Home Boys in Muscle Shoals

Muscle Shoals has the second largest school system in the area and is currently seeking a new superintendent. Where is it looking? Apparently not locally, since all the candidates are are from academic galaxies far, far away.

Well...we all know non-locals are better...or do we? In truth, while that new broom may sweep away some of the cobwebs of cronyism, there's something to be said for a local candidate for a local job.


What's wrong in our schools? It seems it might not be the faculty/staff, but the students themselves. State Superintendent Tommy Bice says students in Alabama are "downtrodden," with 60% of them qualifying for reduced lunches. We're pretty certain at least some who qualify don't avail themselves of the reduced rate.

Is our state just that poor?  Perhaps along with birth control, the state should teach some financial management? Two can't live as cheaply as one, and a family with five children can't live as cheaply as a family with the traditional two little ones.

That being said, are high school graduates not prepared to support themselves if need be, or are these young people just determined to have kids while still flipping burgers, or is it a little of both? Or could it be that if we consider the state as a whole, there just aren't enough good jobs to go around?

We read every day that the jobs would be here if the workers were trained; so which is it? Think about that 60% figure and then don't just lament it. Do something about it.


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