Thursday, November 7, 2013

Let's Talk Some Real Turkeys

It's November, so what's more apt than some turkey talk. No, we're not going to discuss fowl, but something...someone...foul. If you haven't read any news today, here's an interesting update:

What was Coach Tibbs thinking? Sure, we know the joke about how some men (all men?) think. Yet most manage to keep their pants zipped. What happened with Sonny Dewaine Tibbs? What has he given up?

He may still have his job until the Franklin County Board of Education meets, but he won't have it long. He won't have his teaching license long either. We don't know his wife or how she will react to his affair, but we do know Sonny boy has lost her trust. He may have lost her. If there is a divorce, you may as well say he's lost his three children also. Finally, if his "victim's" parents are inclined to help Franklin County prosecute, you can bet he may very well lose his freedom, along with all that money paid for bail and legal fees.

We may assume that no matter what he's lost, he will still have his career as a professional wrestler. Special, isn't it?

Now that we've discussed Coach Tibbs, what about the 17 year-old girl? We have no idea why a young woman would want to have sex with a married man approaching middle age, but some do. Even if her family is so louche as to not think twice about her sexual faux pas, you can be sure her classmates will not be that kind. In a school the size of Vina, everyone knows who the girl is. So do her neighbors. Any reputable college may look twice at her application for admission, assuming she even wants to further her education. The well to do, educated suitors won't be knocking at her door either. We have to wonder if she still thinks it was worth it...



  1. For one you know nothing because he has two children... I would try to get my facts straight before I blasted someone

    1. So he effectively gave up only two children, not three? What a great father...

  2. Having two children that have graduated from this school I find this very disturbing, this man has a beautiful wife and children. He has destroyed student teacher trust and also destroyed children that actually look upon their teacher as a role model . I do not think 20 years is enough for this crime. We send our children to school with a certain faith that they will be ok there and this man has ruined that for a lot of good people .