Saturday, November 23, 2013

Serial Shoals Home Invader?

Less than two weeks ago a home invasion was reported in Indian Springs. At that time, all news outlets carried the story. Now we're receiving e-mails stating there was a second, unreported home invasion. The story goes that the Florence Police Department handed out notices with the info on both robberies.

Whether there has been a second home invasion or not, there is a robber out there. He's described as tall, white, with dark/dirty blond hair. He targeted what was called an "older" couple who had just returned home (from shopping?). We hope all our readers are super careful this time of the year...and always.


A friend says no outlaws are allowed in Indian Springs...except those grandfathered in. We'll assume that includes him and we give him permission to shoot to do some damage if he comes in contact with this miscreant. Since it's Lauderdale County, we'll assume Bryce Graham won't try to indict him.


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