Monday, November 25, 2013

Remember "Slugo?"

Or is it spelled "Sluggo?" No matter; we're sure the name refers to only Douglas Craig, late of Franklin County. Yes, very late--Slugo was killed while attempting to murder an ex-girlfriend. If you tuned in late:

It seems Slugo is still remembered fondly by some in Russellville. Here's a recent Franklin County mug shot to prove it:

At least Slugo gets to visit the jail for one more Thanksgiving...


We see a possible market for such shirts. How about, "John Wayne Gacy: Just Clownin' Around!" Or "Osama Mio!" We can rule out "Che Che Cha Ching"...he's already been done to death.

Are we surprised by this? No. Haven't you heard...Charles Manson is engaged to a 25 year-old. What should you give the bride? We would suggest a brain scan.



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