Friday, November 15, 2013

Vina High Student Victims Were Best Friends

Gary Williams
When asked about the two current teacher sex scandals at Vina High School, Franklin County Superintendent Gary Williams replied, "I don't know how things like this happen." Perhaps that's part of the problem. We've had teacher friends who carefully chose every word spoken to students of the opposite sex; they felt such actions were needed in order to maintain a professional relationship that could never be questioned. It would seem familiarity doesn't always breed merely contempt.


Williams has also reported to the press that the two 17 year-old girls (reported victims) were best friends. The superintendent stated that at the time of his arrest, Tibbs had been transferred to Vina Elementary School in August after a nine year stint at the high school. We're surmising someone knew something was not quite cricket.


And just how old are these two teacher/coaches? The TimesDaily and some other news sources have stated Sonny Tibbs was 35. Arrest records, along with a college bio, list his birth date as 11/18/74, making him 39 in three days. Similarly, the age of Brian Keeton has been reported in the TD as 38. Official records list his birth date as 3/26/73, making him 40. Both more than old enough to know better.


Sometimes reader e-mail is just too good not to pass along: I was thinking about the comment that "sex sells." It's nothing compared to death and dismemberment, but you may be able to throw that in too. The coachs' wives haven't finished with them yet.


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  1. Everyone at Vina is best friends. There are 350 kids, K-12. This means every class averages at around 20-30 kids. Meaning there are about 10-15 students of each sex. The girls, from what I could see were not each other's best friends, and seemed to more float from group to group.
    Tibbs was a P.E. coach for K-12 students. He was not moved to the elementary school. Because of it's small size the school is not separated into separate schools. There is no conspiracy here. No one knew about this, and he was not transferred to another part of the school because someone knew something.