Friday, November 29, 2013

We Lost Three in November

The Shoals area lost three young men in November. Why? We don't know the backgrounds of these three men except for what's been reported and many e-mails which could...or could not...contain some insight into their lives.

One we've heard little about. One we know was an athlete with a good future ahead of him. One came from a good family, but reportedly had mental problems leading to a checkered past. All three are now dead, and two of them were murdered in cold blood. Again we ask why?

It's a month until New Year's and the usually stale resolutions. We're asking all the men out there reading our blog today, as well as women, to look around you. Who needs some extra guidance? Who has no male role model? You don't have to adopt a child to influence him or her. Go for it!


While we have received some information on the murder of Bree Rutland, as mentioned above, much of it can't be verified by us. We have two local news sites which have done an excellent job in getting the news out to the public. Let's support them all we can...


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