Saturday, November 9, 2013

What's "An American Test?"

How the U.K. Handles It

Both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans have claimed victory in the recent settlement of Alabama's new immigration legislation, a fact that has precipitated much press. Some of the ideas put forth, along with inane rhetoric, are laughable. Some news presented to the citizens of Alabama should give us all pause for thought.

While we have the greatest respect for Cliff Wright, a Florence attorney who handles immigration affairs, he might do well to request silence from his receptionist Diana Wilmes. In a recent TimesDaily article, Wilmes reported having to pay $4,000.00 in legal fees in her quest for citizenship. We have news for Ms. Wilmes: Four thou is very little compared to what many of our friends have paid to gain citizenship. How much would we have to pay to become citizens of her native Columbia? We would also like to know just what "an American test" is. Wilmes stated she had to take one.

The TimesDaily article went on to lament how deportation of breadwinners caused remaining family to turn to food stamps and other state and federal programs. How sad that as Veterans Day approaches, we see out tax dollars wasted on those who have no love for our county, much less citizenship.

No, we can't support everyone. Let's support Alabamians first. It shouldn't be a hard choice.

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