Monday, July 11, 2011

What Illegal Immigration Has Cost the Shoals

Illegal Immigration

A Guest Commentary By

Mary Carton

My Grandmother, two uncles and Mom escaped from a Russian concentration camp toward the end of WWII and applied to come to the USA. Everything had been taken away from them when the Russians took them. The refugees came to this country on a troop carrier with very little in possessions in 1950. They were investigated to make sure they weren’t part of the SS or other Nazi group before getting approval to come. Once in this country they were told that you are in America now, you’ll have to learn English and they did. They were lent, and I said lent $700 and sent to a farm in Alabama to milk cows. They didn’t have the option of not working or where they were going to locate. A few years later, the US government came calling requesting payment of the loan, and they repaid the USA.

Now fast forward to the present. Driver’s license and other state correspondence have to be given in both English and Spanish. They can get free medical care and don’t worry about paying for it. Just give the hospital a false name and address, have your child and disappear. If it wasn’t for the illegals, Coffee Health Group could still be the owners of ECM, Shoals, and Russellville Hospitals. It is rumored that CHG lost ten million the first year they owned Russellville, a large portion of the loss due to illegals. This coupled with low Medicare reimbursements sent CHG on a nose dive they couldn’t pull out of. On the flip side Russellville Hospital would still be delivering babies.

Illegals can get certain lawyers paid for that natives can’t. They can kill someone in a wreck and not have to pay much of a price for it. And they demand and demand for more. A friend of mine who immigrated legally from Columbia made the statement recently that this country just gives too much hand outs, both to illegals and those on welfare who are able to work, but don’t want to. She’s right. It’s time we end the free rides.


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