Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jane Fonda Comes to Florence/RSA Suing?

In a scathing, vitriolic press release, Jane Fonda said she is ashamed of Florence and its government for failing to enter into a business alliance with a Chinese company. After all, it was years ago that the Chinese aided those pesky Viet Cong (who were really nice if you got to know them).

Oh, wait, sorry. It wasn't Jane Fonda, it was UNA's president William Cale. Never mind. (Anyone think the "Gown" portion isn't holding up the "Town?")


In the "For What It's Worth" department, rumors are circulating around the state that the RSA is initiating a law suit against National Steel Car of Canada, the former parent company of National Alabama. We're unsure of the basis of such a suit, if one actually exists, but we're also pretty sure that the RSA has plenty of grounds from which to choose.


From a reader:
I don't blame illegal immigrants for our healthcare problems. Besides, I think every HUMAN BEING has the right to healthcare. What, should we just say "no healthcare" for those people's innocent children?? Wow.

Our answer is simple. The United States cannot afford to provide health care for its own indigent children, but it can do a much better job if no illegals are straining the system. Who should come first: Our children or theirs? It shouldn't be a tough choice.

Neither is health care a right. That's why we pay through the nose for it.