Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who Is Behind Sweetwater Mansion? (A Re-Blog from O.B.)

Yesterday O.B.'s Corner blogged concerning some personal attacks the writer received from Sweetwater Mansion's Social Media Adviser Dot Bowers, aka D. J. Bowers. Since we are about to begin a multi-part expose' written by a former volunteer at Sweetwater, we are publishing slightly edited parts of O.B.'s comments as an introduction:

I just wanted to share a couple of the things I had gotten in messages and let you judge for yourself. I cannot make your minds up for you but it is my belief that the house is not in good hands. That has been my whole purpose in trying to let people know about what is going on. Apparently some people either do not care or are just so wrapped up in the history, they are blind or brainwashed.

With that said…here are a few snippets and my personal response to them. You can click on the snippets to enlarge them.

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I took this as a personal threat from Sweetwater. Real classy.

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First of all, I don’t blog on Ripples. Although I have commented on it. And in this case, the promise is nothing more than a threat wrapped in toilet paper. And me taking the fall? That and back off are two more threats as far as I’m concerned. But Dorkus Jane is correct, I don’t know her. Nor do I want to.

I have never posted her mother's name on my blog. Matter of fact I didn’t even know it. This is the only blog I do. People need to get their facts straight before running off at the mouth. Oh, and Ms. Drama? I have a life and a job. Thanks anyway for your concern.

So you see? This is what is leading the Sweetwater/Weeden mansion. This is the kind of people that are overseeing the goings on at the historical home that continues to lie in shambles. Would you want your child or yourself for that matter to be associated with this kind of temperament? Only you can answer that for yourself. I’ve been accused of trespassing there and even knocking on one of the volunteer's door. Amazing.

And yet again…I get accused of something. I have never mentioned SW having a Twitter account. This is just more of the same garbage these people spew. A hate group? That’s laughable.

twit (600 x 904)

I wasn’t going to even blog this today. I was going to delete the whole thing and just let it go. But I think the public needs to know what the leadership at Sweetwater is doing.

You may click on any image to enlarge.


What is the leadership at Sweetwater doing? Apparently very little according to the reports that have reached us. It was and still is our belief the old house and property will be sold if the owner receives what she considers the right offer. We will assume Susan Leigh Smithson would consider much less than the nine million asking price of record.

Most of the volunteers at the ostensible renovation/restoration of Sweetwater are college and high school students. Tomorrow we'll publish Part I of one such volunteer's experiences working with the current Sweetwater Committee.