Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Michelle Eubanks to Regional Care?

From a reader:

Is it not interesting the Michelle Eubanks announces at Muscle Shoals Council meeting Tuesday night that she is leaving the Times Daily to take a position with Regional Care? Then, today she writes a glowing report in the Times about her new employer? Conflict of interest? Was this already in the works while she was still attending Keller Hospital board meetings and writing articles about them? Does this explain a lot of things about her past articles about Keller?

Let's give her the benefit of the doubt, just maybe she is going to "investigate and report" what happened to ECM hospital's employees retirement fund. Or maybe she will report Carl Bailey's severance package like she did Mr. Anderson's. Did it really include membership to Turtle Point country club despite the fact that ECM was sinking?

We've not been able to find any additional details concerning this, but if true, it does make one pause to reconsider what has recently been written concerning both hospitals.


And from another reader, two conversations that reportedly took place in the Lauderdale County Sheriff's office where a new employee is training:

The first is a conversation which supposedly occurred between one of Sheriff Ronnie Willis' new PYTs and an unknown caller:

PYT: "Sheriff's Office."
Caller: "I need to speak to the Chief Deputy, please."
PYT: "Who?"
Caller: "I need to speak to the Chief Deputy, please."
PYT: "Who??"
Caller (frustration evident): "The Chief Deputy."
PYT: "I don't know who you're talking about."

Another conversation:

PYT: "Sheriff's Office."
Caller: "This is Jenoice. I need to speak to the Sheriff."
PYT: "I don't know if he's in, I can send you to his voice mail."
Caller: "I really need to speak to him. It's important."
PYT: "I can send you to his voice mail."
Caller: "This is Jenoice Bevis. I REALLY need to speak to him."
PYT: "WHO did you say you were with...?"

If true, we consider it karma. We've never been able to get Jenoice on the phone, and her employees don't suggest residence beyond the left side of the bell intelligence curve. Our tax dollars at work, folks.