Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jobs for America? State Dems May Now Be Out of Luck

If Alabama Democrats are hoping to scupper the new laws concerning illegal immigrants scheduled to take effect September 1st, they will receive no support from US Rep. Mo Brooks. In a prepared statement he today announced:

...he has introduced new legislation, the Jobs for Americans Act of 2011. The Jobs for Americans Act removes federal barriers to states who undertake their own legal measures to control illegal immigration.

Congressman Brooks said, “Illegal immigration in our country is a serious problem. Illegal aliens suppress the wages of American blue collar workers, hold millions of American jobs, and drain local and state governments of critical resources.

“The Jobs for Americans Act of 2011 helps states like Alabama, Georgia, and Arizona, who are addressing the illegal alien issue because the federal government has failed to do so. The act ensures that the federal government will appreciate, not punish, states that do the hard work of enforcing our laws.

“Specifically, this bill provides that state and local governments may help the federal government by passing laws that identify illegal aliens, deter illegal aliens from entering the United States, apprehend illegal aliens, or encourage or otherwise cause illegal aliens to leave the United States. In other words, the federal government would give state and local governments the blessing to help the federal government do its job.

"While the Jobs for Americans Act of 2011 supports state efforts to curb illegal immigration, it does not alter the federal government’s roll. The federal government would still retain control over determining who qualifies as an illegal alien."


We recently blogged of Eddie Frank Chandler's attempt to obtain youthful offender status in his upcoming murder trial. We speculated it could be the difference between three years for a youthful offender conviction and perhaps 30 if convicted as an adult. D.K. asked that we elaborate that Chandler, if convicted of Felony Murder, could be eligible for parole in as little as ten years.

This is certainly the case, and if not granted parole after that time, Chandler would again be considered in five more years. That does not mean he would be granted parole at any time, but for such crimes 30 years seems to be the rule of thumb. Obviously, if given a life sentence he could conceivably never be granted parole. With this, as many things in life, it very often comes down to whom you or your family know...or perhaps the whims of whoever may be in the office of District Attorney at the time.

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Alabama is implementing new and supposedly improved restrictions for sex offenders. Those bearing the title of "sexual predator" will face dramatically increased restrictions. What constitutes a sexual predator? According to Ohio standards, former Sheffield resident Derek Logue has earned that distinction. Perhaps these proposed, and now adopted, tighter rules were the reason this self-proclaimed sex offender activist left Sheffield? It's a ankle bracelet would have so improved his social life.