Monday, July 25, 2011

Ya Gets What Ya Pays Fer

We hope the reader who sent this item to us will forgive us using his line as our title today. It seems to fit both his news item and ours. From the regular reader:

A Birmingham based security company was recently in the Shoals area recruiting applicants for a security job at a local defense contractor. The positions require that the security officers placed must be able to possess a TOP SECRET security clearance. That's totally understandable, especially considering the nature of what is being made at the site. What ISN'T understandable is the rate of pay for these TOP SECRET security clearance positions: $8.35/Hr.


Now we'll venture to Sweetwater Mansion, whose Facebook page had a busy weekend. Dorcas Bowers, the Sweetwater media committee member, is now warning attendees at First Fridays not to donate to those taking up money for the mansion's renovation--according to her, they aren't connected to anyone at Sweetwater.

Since one must have a permit to set up at First Fridays, it should be easy to narrow it down as to who is "illegally" collecting funds, if anyone. Our sources tell us that July was at least the second or third month at which collections jars/buckets were set up. It's nice to know that some of the Sweetwater committee wishes to know where this money is going, but they do not reveal how the money they collect is being used. We have had some interesting reports on this and will offer a blog in the near future. Those who have contacted us are concerned that the renovation is almost non-existent. Yes, Ya gets what ya pays fer.


It's no secret that we here at Shoalanda are good friends with several local bloggers not connected with our own political blog. One of our favorite blogs is O.B.'s Corner. We have him linked and doubt that we have missed any of his offerings so far. So it comes as a shock to learn that the Sweetwater media czar, Dorcas Jane Bowers, has accused our friend of mentioning her 89 year-old mother in one of his columns. It also came as a shock to O.B. who knows nothing of Ms. Bowers' mother and states he has never referred to her in any manner.

Again, as much as we would like to see Sweetwater restored and in the right hands, we can't ethically promote the current committee who oversees the work, including fund raising. Ya gets what ya pays fer...and apparently that's not much. Apologies from Ms. Bowers are in order.