Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cherokee Odds & Lauderdale Sheriff Ends

First we have a report from C.R.:

More Bad News for Cherokee

The little Town of Cherokee has been dragged though the mud, time after time. Its current and former elected leaders refuse to work together. The town’s budget was slashed and full time employees were replaced with part time help.

The arrest of a full time town employee has rocked the little town. Douglas Michael Williams a town street/sewer worker was arrested Thursday for unlawful distribution of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver said.

The employee was hired several years ago by former Mayor Mignon Willis. Willis is currently on the Cherokee Water Board and refuses to take a mandated federal drug test.

More Tomorrow...


For those who have asked about Snicker Doodles, the female English Bulldog who was taken from her kennel last week, she has yet to be recovered. We understand that Doodles' parents had workmen on their property in the days before she disappeared. This should be a reminder to everyone to ask for and check the references of any company that places a large number of workers on your property.


Yes, Virginia, there really is a Belgreen Bear. Apparently two black bears have been seen recently in the areas of Spruce Pine and Bellgreen, Alabama, and Golden, Mississippi. You can read about the sightings, as well as join the fan page here:


We recently commented on the renovations currently ongoing at the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office in the courthouse. The upheaval has seemingly caused some problems for that department. Many are concerned that all case files are now being housed in the Community Corrections department where even inmates who work there may have access. It's certainly something to think about.

In what we consider a much more significant snafu, the move interrupted communications in the office resulting in officers in the field being unable to check suspects for outstanding warrants. Apparently this problem had not been considered and no backup plan was in place.

Where was Ronnie Willis when his deputies were scrambling for information? We're told Sheriff Willis was away at a sheriff's conference--his third one this year. No one thinks the office of sheriff is easy, but anyone who runs for the position should be prepared to do what it takes to fulfill his or her responsibilities.