Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Official: Michelle Eubanks to Shoals Hospital

Sources with Regional Care report that today is Michelle Rupe Eubanks first day with the hospital giant. On Monday, she will officially become the spokesperson for Shoals Hospital. We had reported earlier that the TimesDaily was downsizing; however, we're not sure if Mrs. Eubanks' departure is related to this restructuring or is a rung up the career ladder for the former reporter.

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The City of Florence has announced it will vigorously enforce the new texting while driving ban. The ban starts in two weeks, and it should be interesting to see the additional case load on Florence Municipal Court.


Is McLaughlin the answer to problems with the weir at Cypress Creek? Many experienced rafters seem to think so. Perhaps the problem now isn't the answer, but getting the City of Florence to accept it.