Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Killer, the District Attorney, & the Parole

From our team member D.K.:

Maybe it is just me, right or wrong, I need to express my feelings. I feel Colbert County D.A. Bryce Graham dropped the Ball a couple of weeks ago and let not only the people of Colbert County down, but Joey and Harold Pugh and their family and friends down.

A Parole hearing for Donald Risley was held on the 13th of July, and Mr. Graham not only refused to go in person to protest an early release, but never sent a letter of protest. Yes it is true, Risley only had a year to serve his full sentence, but he agreed to 15 years not 14 years, for helping turn State's evidence against the other four scum bags.

He only had a year left?! A lame excuse for doing him the favor of not protesting. Risley did not assist the State out of the goodness of his heart or remorse for his part in the murders of 11 year-old Joey and his father Harold Pugh, two people only out doing what good fathers do with their children, enjoying a fishing trip to Cane Creek. He did this to save himself from a possible Life Sentence! It is true Risley did not pull the trigger, but neither did the other two who got a Life sentence.

He was a part of a plan to make easy money, Blood Money! Whatever it took to rob banks, and that is what they did the next day. Unlike Risley, Mr. Harold Pugh worked hard the way most all us do to enjoy things in life.

Risley had a 45 cal. weapon and when he saw what was going to happen, as they were taking Joey and Harold out in the boat, he had a chance to possibly save them. It bothers me enough to know this happened, but more so to know Joey had to watch his dad being shot, not once but twice and then himself being shot.

The birth mother of Joey (Harold's ex-wife) passed away last year. Joey's step mother and Harold's wife at the time of this horrible, senseless killing, has been sick and at the last minute was unable to go protest. I am sure other family and friends had written letters to the Parole Board to protest. I heard from someone in the know at Colbert County Court House, Asst. D.A. Kyle Brown, got took to the wood shed because he talked to the media without Mr Graham's approval.

The Parole Board I personally don't think was going to parole Risley: they even stated they wished they could keep him longer than the 15 years. Risley had broken a rule in June, found with Pot.

Thanks to Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May for sending a letter of protest. Also thanks to the Montgomery Bureau and M.J. Ellington for being there and covering this for the Times Daily, but I wonder why she did not hear as I did in what rule Risley had broken? She stated "Noting Risley had committed an infraction of Prison rules in June. Officials did not elaborate on what rules were violated". Yes the Parole Board did elaborate, by saying "Risley was found with pot."

I wonder who Risley's defense Attorney was. Anyone know?

"Justice For All--Even The Victims"


We especially appreciate D.K.'s information concerning Risley's possession of marijuana. That would be considered a major disciplinary and lower Risley's chance of parole to almost zero. What if Risley had maintained a perfect record for those 14 years? It's our opinion he still deserved to serve his full sentence. This raises many questions concerning Colbert D.A. Graham. We, too, would like answers.