Friday, July 22, 2011

Eddie Frank Chandler: Three Years or Thirty?

Eddie Frank Chandler was 17 when he allegedly murdered Chris Stanback. Because of his age when the crime was committed, he cannot be charged with and tried for capital murder. He is currently being charged with felony murder, a crime that could bring a life sentence with the chance of parole. If convicted, Chandler would at some point be considered and granted parole, but one could expect him to serve as much as 30 years before such a parole would be offered.

What if Chandler should be granted youthful offender status? He would then serve three years. That is what Chandler's attorney is now requesting. We doubt that Judge Gil Self will grant Chandler's request, but if he should, the sentence could be ordered to run concurrently with any conviction for theft that may await Chandler. In other words, if Eddie Frank Chandler did kill Chris Stanback, he could in effect serve no extra time for this heinous murder.

We fervently hope Judge Self will refuse Chandler's request for youthful offender status. The Stanback family has waited long enough for justice in Chris' death.


If you're going to the Handy Parade tonight, be sure to give a shout out to the Kudzu Queens. This wonderful group of women do much good for the area as well as offering some much needed humor.