Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Chinese Are Coming?

Do you think the Chinese company that wished to purchase the old Florence Golf and Country Club property just threw a dart and came up with Florence? Don't think so. UNA has a recruiting office in China and has in the past announced its intentions of awarding several slots in its nursing program to Chinese students. Money talks, and to think we once were worried about the Japanese buying our golf courses...

We're also curious about this company's alternative natural medicines. Are they talking rhino horns as a homeopathic Viagra? How would this fit in with any existing curricula at the university? From looking at their web site, we would venture any foray into U.S. enterprise would have to be at least partially approved by the F.D.A.

Let's not condemn Mr. Pendleton or Mr. Barnhart until we have the full story. Remember, it was university president William Cale who convinced the Guizhou Shenqi
Group to retract their offer. Perhaps mediation isn't his strong point.

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It seems Tuscumbia School Superintendent Joe Walters will have to review and act on complaints against the very board of education that recently terminated his contract. We have no concrete idea why Walters' contract is not being renewed, but we can definitely say he is handling his responsibilities for the remainder of his term by taking the high road. We hope to have more on this later.


From Chris Ligon:

I think fundamentally, Shoalanda and I would agree that the ultimate solution would be a society of voluntarianism where people would simply pay other people for services in a non corrupted exchange and not feel entitled to charity that is the end result of the productive class having their labor gleaned at the point of a gun. However, just like the local journalist who I respect the most says, those days are gone.

So what we are dealing with is a fiat currency, manufactured debt and the upward flow of wealth that is channeled into all kinds of programs that do not benefit the people who are actually out here trying to make an honest living. So the question becomes... out of all the ways that the taxes from workers could be more fairly distributed to better our communities, why is it that other poor working people from Mexico should receive most of our outrage. Believe me, the people that brought them here and benefit the from their cheap labor aren't having to worry about paying for their kids' health care. This is a class warfare issue and when I see us fighting over the scraps of wealth instead of looking at who is sitting at the table, it saddens me.

Mr. Ligon's comments are profound, but "class warfare?" It's something to think about. Tomorrow another look at local immigration.


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