Friday, November 22, 2013

Segregation Returns to Florence?

It seems Tuskegee wants their students and fans separated from those of the University of North Alabama. We didn't realize that UNA had such a rough reputation. Let's hope Florence is extra nice to all Tuskegee visitors. That will teach them...


We received a few private comments about Thomas Grant Campbell. We certainly do not mean to detract from the awards the ex-Marine won while in service to his country. Neither are we able to diagnose any mental issues, but such behavior swings reported both in and out of the military might indicate a bi-polar disorder or some other type of mental illness.

We will admit to being surprised that Chris Martin was indicted for anything more than Manslaughter. Colbert County can't get Ronald Weems indicted for Capital Murder, but its D.A. can get Mr. Martin indicted for Felony Murder? Another example of what's wrong with our justice system.


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