Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jennifer Gray or Jon Hatton

Democrat Jennifer Gray is seeking a second term as superintendent of Lauderdale County Schools. Republican Jon Hatton is seeking to wrest the office from Gray. Who is better to lead Lauderdale County Schools?

We’ve seen much criticism of Gray in various areas, but have also seen a list of her successes. Hatton is something of an unknown quantity. He is currently the principal of Brooks Elementary in Killen. From all accounts the bow tie wearing educator is well liked and untouched by scandal.

One of the biggest issues seems to be Gray’s lunch money policy: No money, no lunch, and no donations taken. While we disagree with this policy, it shouldn’t be a career ending stance for Gray. Yet as a Democrat, Gray may lose simply due to straight ticket voting.

No one who blogs here has children in the Lauderdale system. We’ve attempted to delve deeper into some issues, but have not been able to ascertain some of the finer points of either candidate’s platform. Therefore, we’re not making a recommendation in this race. Do your homework and vote wisely.



We’re often struck by comments from readers. Why do some think a person indicted for Felony murder can be given the death sentence? Along those lines, we recently saw a Lauderdale voter ask Jon Hatton if he lived in Lauderdale County.

It’s sad that the general public knows so little about our election laws. Yet these are the ones who help determine who will mold our government and our children’s future. We would suggest a short refresher course in civics for all would-be voters, but obviously the Democratic Party would shoot that idea down.

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