Monday, November 14, 2016

Sheffield Tax Wars/Super Moon

Sheffield Sales, Celebrities &The Election
By: The Midnight Rider
Sheffield Sales
I saw in the Times Daily this morning that Tracie Southern had finally been able to get a permit to sell her items. For you that are not familiar with this, months ago, The Rider wrote a story about Mrs. Southern. She was into it with the City of Sheffield because she was not allowed to sell items out of her place located on Jackson Highway. The City didn’t have a permit for that. It appears her continued vigilance with taking the matter up with the City of Sheffield, a solution was found. Good for you Mrs. Southern.

So, now my next question is what is going to be done with the “Saturday Flea Market” in the Foodland Shopping Center. The City was upset with that because the vendors were not paying Sales Tax. This will be interesting to see if anything is done to the Flea Market.

During the recent Presidential Election several celebrities made the comment that if Donald Trump won, they would move to Canada. I saw on Facebook today that an Alabama Mayor had started a “Go Fund Me” site to help gather money to help these people move. That is hilarious. My thing would be, if you said you were moving to Canada, “See ya.” I am sure it will be much better up there. Bye, Bye.

The Presidential Election
Ok, everyone, the election is over with. Donald Trump won. All the rioting is not going to change that. I recently saw on Facebook a young lady that pulled her dress up and pooped on a trump sign, before smearing it with her hands. This was done in a public place. News flash to this young lady, you’re an idiot. You didn’t change anything. You made a fool out of yourself on video. If I was a guy where you live, I would have to have serious thought about asking you out. I would be afraid you would poop on me.

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Did someone say "Super Moon?"

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