Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Who Owns Point Clear/Laurel Cove? Not Will Andrews!

No matter what anyone thinks of the proposed developments in extreme eastern Florence (or Florence planning jurisdiction), the owner of the property on which these semi-detached dwellings and townhouses may be built is not developer Will Andrews.

The only property owned by developer Andrews in Lauderdale County would appear to be a vacation home of some ilk in Killen:

The 16 lots referenced in news accounts and the adjoining plat all belong to Florence housing director Shaler Roberts III:

Why have the TimesDaily and Robert Palmer continued to publish false information? 



Roads to the above referenced subdivision will also prove a problem since they're overseen by the county. Will Andrews and Shaler Roberts' best bet is to have the land annexed into Florence. The county has an abysmal record of improving such roads. Just ask the citizens of Waterloo and Elgin.


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