Saturday, November 19, 2016

Illegal Immigration/Supporting Sexual Abusers

We support Jeff Sessions on his illegal immigration stance. Why? Let’s look at these scenarios.

A local homeless shelter closes suddenly; 30 men are unexpectedly thrown out on the street. They have no food and are huddling in a small park nearby the closed shelter…

A. Joe walks by and wants to help. He has only 3.00 cash in his pocket, so he runs into a nearby store, gets change, and hands each man a dime.

B. Jim similarly walks by with only 3.00 cash. He picks out one man and takes him to the local burger in a box and buys him the meal combo, while the remaining 29 men go hungry.

C. John walks by in the third scenario. He feels so strongly for these men that he takes his debit card and buys each of the 30 a meal combo. Then later in the week he realizes that the 90.00 he spent had been allotted to purchase his child needed textbooks. Now John’s son will fall behind in school.

That pretty much sums up our immigration problem. There are no easy answers, but the “B” scenario is best for our country. Jeff Sessions will ensure that’s how illegal immigration is handled, and we should be grateful to him.



Do you support the sexual abuse of children? Apparently some do. Some months ago, we published a blog from a Killen woman who had been “accused” of writing for us. Until a friend told her of the Facebook post and she contacted us, we had not heard of her, nor she of us. Why was she accused and by whom?

Apparently she was accused by a friend of a Killen man with a long rap sheet who has appeared in our blog frequently. It seems that now M.P., another young friend of the perp, has picked up this story, basically aiding and abetting a man who sexually abused an 11 year-old girl. We understand the need to support one’s friends, but when you accomplish that by lying, by supporting a sexual abuser in the process, you might want to rethink your position.


  1. The immigration scenario above is absolutely absurd. Do your f****** research.

    1. When commenting, it is always helpful to back up a statement with a fact or facts. The U.S. doesn't have funds to support all those who would wish to live here.

      Do you know how many hungry children live in the Shoals? Do you know how many are fed by the Sidney's Safe program, a program funding by individuals and not any government agency. Shouldn't we place the children of the Shoals above those who wish to immigrate here?