Sunday, November 13, 2016

Friends in Low Places, or How Did He Get Here?

We have no doubt that foreign nationals who enroll at UNA are well vetted; however, that same vetting process doesn’t apply to their friends. We frequently hear about homeland security visiting our local college campus; fortunately, we’ve never heard of any students being arrested for any crimes against the state and investigators always seem more interested in the friends of students than students themselves.

Why a discussion of this now? We’ve just read of a recent arrest of one “John Doe” and our thoughts turned to how he arrived in the Shoals, presumably from New York:

We’ll assume Mr. Doe came here looking for an easier life and not to blow up Staggs’ Grocery. Yet what is his connection to the Shoals? Or did he simply throw a dart at a map?



While we haven’t done an exact count, we probably support fewer than 50% of the policies of President-Elect Donald Trump. One that we do support is the deportation of those illegal immigrants who’ve been convicted of a violent crime. Our local police have enough danger in their lives without facing additional threats from non-citizens.


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