Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bring Your Own Noose...

At first, we were going to mention how alcohol makes people do untoward things, but then we realized it wasn’t the alcohol as far as everyone was concerned. Someone (and we don’t know who) made a noose and took it to a Halloween party ostensibly held at a local bar. In other words, it was a premeditated noose.

We do know who is pictured holding the noose in the photograph below. We understand the person has already been reported to the state bar association. We can hardly wait until Florence again makes national/international news.

Photo Removed Due to its Age & Lack of Relevance 

Moral: Don't try to think and drink at the same time.



So someone held a wedding reception in Sheffield and used a Lawrence County caterer? We’re assuming they got a good deal.

That worked out really well, didn’t it?

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