Monday, November 7, 2016

The State Doesn't Know or Track the Cost...

Last week, Alabama attorney general Luther Strange stated, “...the agency doesn’t know or track the state’s cost for fighting (Tommy) Arthur’s numerous legal battles that have prevented his execution.” We’re sure that statement applies to all those on death row.

We’re also sure accounting methods have changed in all state departments with the advent of computerized record keeping, but to say the attorney general’s office doesn’t keep track of how much manpower and other resources are expended on various cases is unbelievable…or maybe not, since it’s Alabama.



Let’s not forget we have a governor who cuts the education budget, then says education in Alabama sucks, then asks private citizens to fix it. We’re certainly all for private citizens taking an active part in local education, but these same citizens are also taxpayers who expect the state to use tax dollars wisely. Then again, see comment on attorney general’s office.


Robert DeShawn Childers remains missing. New rumors crop up every day. We’re sure the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office investigates every lead, but it’s slow going. Most of Mr. Childers’ family live outside the Shoals area, making it even more frustrating for them.

We’ve been sent a great deal of information that must be verified before we can publish it; however, we do plan to blog an update at a later date. We have few doubts that whoever is responsible will be held legally accountable at some point.


Vote tomorrow; your life may depend on it.

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