Wednesday, November 2, 2016

License Commissioner/Escape Room/Minor

The general election is approaching at only a slightly slower speed than Tommy Arthur’s execution. Lauderdale County will be selecting a new License Commissioner. Democrat Tony Cox vies for the position against Republican Rodney Pettus. Both men are more than qualified in every aspect; therefore, we’re not making a recommendation. Do your research and vote your conscience.



We passed by the Escape Room earlier today. It appears they are already adding new challenges, or at least renovating. We encourage some of our readers who’ve previously dared to try their escape skills to send us a review.


Judge Mike Jones has now recused all Lauderdale judges in the Dillard/Staggs/Mitchell case. The minor? She was mentioned in the July indictment, not the May indictment:

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Yes, it's ambiguous...

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