Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kiddie Porn/Five Year Rule/Professional Licenses

Pornography is a big business. Unfortunately, so is child porn, but it’s illegal—as it should be. If you’re attracted to children, get some help. No child should be sexualized; it’s as simple as that. None of the children victimized entered the business because they wanted to; all of them were forced into this horrible situation.

It’s sad that anyone who has accomplished so much in life is brought down, loses everything, in the last third of life when he should be enjoying the fruits of his labors. Don’t let this happen to you.



Yesterday we published a photograph sent to us by readers. This photo was ostensibly only two weeks old, but those close to the situation report it’s seven years old? Is it?

Looking at the date stamp, it could be ten or more years old. We’re not sure the stamp is working properly since clocks on older cameras have been known to malfunction—it appears to show either 2006 or 1006. We are satisfied that the photo is older and that someone resurrected it in some form of vendetta against one of the people involved.

The actions depicted in the photo are dodgy at best, but not illegal. So, no, to whomever wants to turn this over to the bar association, it’s old news and your complaint will be filed away with the appropriate office clerk cursing under their breath that someone gave them extra work.

Almost all professional organizations use the five year rule. Almost any indiscretion over five years old, sometimes seven, is looked upon as old news for licensing purposes.


That brings us to our e-mail. We regularly receive “news” of legal indiscretions committed over 20 years ago by attorneys/judges, nurses/physicians, etc. What many people don’t realize is that these professional people reported all these incidents when they were licensed.

If these professionals commit new crimes, we’ll be the first to list their old ones in the story. If they’re minding their own business and making more money than you, we’re going to consider you…umm, what’s the word? Oh, yes…a vindictive idiot.

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