Friday, November 25, 2016

Another One Bites the Dust at the LCDC

Brandon Lane Pate
We periodically have readers ask us if Edward Ray (Chip) Dillard will ever be charged with smuggling pills into the Lauderdale County Detention Center. While we have no concrete knowledge of the reported investigation into the crime, we will assume that investigators know the attorney general’s human trafficking case against Dillard is such a slam dunk that there’s no need to waste any more money on the Florence attorney.

With electronic visitation now the norm, few individuals have access to prisoners. We see that a relatively new corrections officer was charged yesterday with smuggling items into the LCDC—at least drugs weren’t found among the confiscated assortment.

So far, Brandon Lane Pate is not yet 20 and reportedly has had an army career cut short for unknown reasons. Now he’s charged with the misdemeanor of supplying prisoners with contraband. Anyone have a job waiting for Brandon? He probably really needs one since his FB page says he's going to be a father in June...if his girlfriend doesn't kill him first.


The trials of Chip Dillard, Tim Staggs, and Brett Mitchell are reportedly scheduled for next month. We haven’t seen any updates, but it’s anyone’s guess when the three will actually make it to the dock…or if one of more will take a plea.

Various legal eagles tell us Mitchell will receive a slap on the wrist, while Dillard and Staggs will face the fury of the attorney general’s office. At 84, Staggs is almost assuredly looking at a life sentence; will the attorney general’s office give him a chance to flip? Judging from how much they reportedly want the 52 year-old Dillard, we’re going with a yes.

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