Monday, November 21, 2016

Courthouse Ghost/Prostitution Sting

We certainly had some interesting responses to our reader who thought a recent Colbert County Commission meeting looked like a Satanic ritual. Now we have an alternate take on it from another reader:

You missed the big picture. It was a ghost. Look at the white area in the photo. The electrical charges in the air caused the judge's robe to flair out like that, maybe even produced a burst of cold wind that filled out the sleeve. You do know the courthouse is haunted? 

Here's the photo blown up and enhanced. We sometimes see white areas like this in photos and have heard them termed ghosts when there's no explanation for the glare. 

Readers, what say you produced the white glare on the sleeve (assuming it's only sleeve we're seeing)? We say florescent lights. What produced the flaring sleeve? We have no idea...



In case you missed this article in PNS:

Tomorrow the Midnight Rider will have a very interesting take on the story...


The feasibility of a mega-tennis court complex in Florence has popped up again. Get your popcorn ready; there's already an argument over who's going to pay for a study. It seems the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism board has already paid for the initial plans for the courts, so what if they never come to fruition? Oh, it's okay, the board will be getting more lodging tax soon. Or will it? Stay turned...


  1. You of all people should know about this ghost. You need to question what it's after.

  2. This person who takes a lot of photos, says the lights did it, especially when you have the ISO set up too high.