Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Election is Over...Thank God!

We're just like you tonight...waiting.

Aside from a presidential upset, the big (for lack of a better word) story is the possible misconduct of a Leighton poll worker who gave out sample ballots pre-marked for Democratic candidates. Our friend Daniel Rosser has handled the situation very well.

We do worry if this is an isolated instance across the state or not. Somehow we think it's not. 



Congratulations in Lauderdale County to Rodney Pettus and Jon Hatton. While we believe those voting a straight Republican ticket obviously boosted their vote count, in Hatton's case we believe Jennifer Gray was the victim of a backlash against her unpopular stances, lavish spending, and a certain list on which her name appeared.


  1. "a certain list on which her name appeared"

    What are you talking about? No need to dangle some hint at inside info to be provocative. Since a school superintendent affects many of your readers who have kids in these schools, if you have some pertinent info that would possibly be relevant to a vote then just say it.

    Personally I don't think the reason she lost was b/c of the things you mentioned, as much as it was the fact that she is a Democrat in an area & time where many voters choose to vote straight ticket for the opposite party.

    I'll add that although I don't know her personally outside of her job, I have had to approach her office in a situation involving my child in school and I found her to be very good to work with. No reason to vote against her that I saw. I hope the new guy does as good a job, although I haven't met anyone yet who could tell me why I should actually vote for him.

    1. No inside info; the list and all who were on it were quite public and published at several online sites.