Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Helen Keller Hospital/Wanted Couple

Keller Hospital Part 2, Pet Depot
By: The Midnight Rider

Keller Hospital Part 2
You may remember that the Rider recently wrote a story about a friend of mine that was turned over to collections by Keller Hospital even though they had been paying monthly. Well, I guess the article got back to Keller because a representative contacted Shoalanda Speaks wanting to speak to my friend. After getting the email from Shoalanda, I forwarded it to my friend. I spoke to my friend the other day who relayed the following information to me:

“I contacted the lady who had made contact with Shoalanda. She was very nice and listened to my story. She asked several questions to which I answered. She told me that she wasn’t sure why it had been turned over to Collections, but she was going to check into it.
The next day I got a phone call from another lady who worked at Keller, who went over my Bill with me. She was a very nice lady. I explained to her that I did not dispute the Bill; I had a problem with them turning me over to Collections. She asked me if I had called and made payment arrangements with Keller. I told her no, when I got the first Bill, I started paying on it.
She said that may have been the problem. I was supposed to call and make payment arrangements. I told her that I was not aware of that and that I had heard nothing from Keller saying I was supposed to. She was going to mail me a copy of my Bill (which I already have). She said after I get this to call and they would make payment arrangements. I asked why it had been turned over to collections. She said that she didn’t know.
So, is this a simple mistake or usual practice from Keller Hospital? I am not sure at the moment. My friend said they would keep me informed on what happens. Let’s hope that this is just an oversight.

New Hospital
To go along with the above blog, this story was in today’s Times Daily:

FLORENCE — The groundbreaking ceremony for North Alabama Medical Center is at 1 p.m., Wednesday at the hospital site on Veterans Drive.
It is a public ceremony.
The groundbreaking will signal the start of construction for the 555,000-square-foot, $250 million medical facility to replace Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital.
Construction is expected to take about two years with the hospital being opened by the end of 2018. Layton Construction, a Utah-based commercial contractor, was announced last month as the contractor for the project.
The company began moving equipment to the 25-acre work site the middle of October.
Can this area support three hospitals? That is to be seen. Customer Service or lack of Customer Service may dictate the operation or closure of one of them.

Pet Depot
I go into the Pet Depot in Muscle Shoals to get a couple of items for my dog, Ole Jake. Walking in, I see two female employees at the cash register talking. As I searched for what I wanted I wasn’t able to locate it. I walked back to the cash register and overheard the two girls gossiping about someone. I ask where the two items I am looking for would be.
One of them tells me where they are and go back to their conversation. I went to where she said the items were. I was able to locate one but not the other. Looking back at them, I see they are still in the middle of their conversation. Screw it; I’ll go to Wal-Mart. Glad it wasn’t an emergency.

Until next time…
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.



The Colbert County Sheriff's Office continues to look for a couple involved in last night's shooting at White Oak near Leighton. 

Our advice to anyone in that situation is to solicit an attorney or minister to accompany you to the authorities. You say you're innocent, but by running you aren't acting like it. As it stands now, any LEO could shoot you dead and be held blameless. No one helps his/her case by fleeing.

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