Thursday, November 3, 2016

He's Not Dead, Jim!

Once again, Tommy Arthur's life has been spared. Once again, Arthur will return to a solitary cell on death row where he will have few amenities, almost no food, and certainly no company except for the occasional impersonal visit by a corrections officer. Why does he want to live?

We've stated before that we have very mixed opinions of the death penalty. If anyone ever deserved to die for his crimes, Arthur probably does. Of those who have supported Arthur, let's ask this: How do you feel about the death of Jodey Wayne Waldrop? Did you know that Waldrop was one of six men murdered in the St. Clair prison during a 36 month period?

While Waldrop's killer has been indicted for the crime, three of the other five deaths were investigated, but failed to produce an indictment. While we're changing the legal system, let's see if we can't manage equal justice for all.



It seems our attorney general is intent on having Robert Bentley all to no impeachment? Let's hope Big Luther knows what he's doing.

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