Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jodey Wayne Waldrop Dies in Prison

Remember our blog on convicted Baptist minister pedophile Jeff Eddie being incarcerated at St. Clair correctional facility. Some readers felt this medium security prison wasn’t quite tough enough. Apparently, it’s tough enough that Franklin County baby killer Jodey Waldrop has lost his life in a knife attack.

We’re sure only a few tears will be shed over Waldrop’s death, but not everyone incarcerated at St. Clair is on the same level as Waldrop. The Alabama Department of Corrections has been mum on many of the details surrounding Waldrop’s death, but a spokesman has indicated he was killed by another prisoner in a knife attack in his own cell.

Knife attack? Would that be what’s commonly called a shiv? Something whittled down to make a sharp weapon? Or could it have been a real knife, slipped into the prison as contraband?

No matter what we think of Waldrop, it’s disconcerting to know that it was so easy for someone to take his life in his own cell. For those who wanted to see “Bro. Jeff” in a less homelike environment, we stand behind our belief that St. Clair is no ice cream parlor.

We’ve received some criticism for referring to Jeff Eddie as “Bro. Jeff.” In our use of this appellation, it in no way confers Christian fellowship. “Bro. Jeff” is simply the name he used online and easily identifies him.

Did Eddie use the name to make it easier to insert himself into the lives of his victims and their families. It’s certainly a possibility.


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