Thursday, June 26, 2014

In Support of Muscle Shoals Government

A guest commentary:

There is one good councilman up there who always returns phone calls and works diligently to help any citizen. Mr. Joe Pampinto has been the voice of reason and financial expertise that the others are lacking. He is successful, organized, and a good community and family man. We need more people like him.

I think that councilman, Mr. Lockhard is staying quiet about the hospital in Florence since it is told he works for Helen Keller Hospital. That is wise and may be the reason most people say he won't return phone calls or speak when he is out in the stores. You can't fault him for taking care of his main bread and butter job.

Now, as far as these other men, I would think they are too busy to return phone calls. Mr. Pampinto is a successful businessman and has plenty of people that work for him, so he has the time to call people and go to their homes to see what they need.  I think they might try hard to do what they think is right when they get together. Whether it is or is not the will of the people, you can't fault them when they really don't know what the people want. They are doing the best they can.

I like the fact that we have a lot of things most other cities don't. Look at Tuscumbia and Sheffield. They are the other 2 large cities in Colbert County, and we out pace them by leaps and bounds. That is something to boast and brag about. They don't have the kind of money Muscle Shoals has. Most all these councilmen have been in there over 20 years and deserve our respect.

Lighten up folks. These men are all good honorable men who would give you the shirt off their backs. I say re-elect them all. You can always move to another town you can always move if you don't like it.


We appreciate all guest commentaries, realizing the truth sometimes lies in the middle. We are especially happy to learn that Mr. Pampinto does return phone calls. We know of several in Florence who do not.

More to come?


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