Friday, June 20, 2014

Trial Date for Jason Dewayne Green

Shay in Happier Times

It's been almost forty-two months since Jason Dewayne Green allegedly shot Shay Ledlow in the home they shared. His Franklin County murder trial has been postponed several times. Now a new trial date has been set for the scrap metal dealer, also accused of auto and metal theft.

Pretrial is set for July, with a trial date of August 18th. There's still no guarantee that the trial will go on as scheduled. Shay's family has had many false hopes during all these months, while Green has been offered house arrest and presumably enjoyed stealthy trips to Tunica.

Green has also enjoyed the company of his family. This blog was criticized by Green's relatives for posting a photo of him with his grandmother at a family gathering. Again, we're crushed that this poor family has been so maltreated. Obviously they anticipated Shay's family slinking away. Expect again. None of her family has forgotten, and no one here has forgotten.

Don't You Know His Gram is Proud of Him?
We look forward to justice for Shay Ledlow. We certainly can't look forward to a long and happy life for her...



  1. Not only Shays family demand justice but her friends and the people who were touchef by her precious smile and childlike joy for life. She loved easily and forgave quickliy. Enogh is enough. Its time for the truth to be told an justice to be done. I have seen how this has crushed her family they and all of us need closure. Until then Jason running free and living within a mile from Shays Mom and Brother is awful and at times hard to bear.

    1. I cant imagine how shays mom feels having to possibly pass this monster on the road every day. would be a hard pill to swallow.

  2. I agree, enough is enough. Time to get the truth out of this man. This has been put off long enough. Any idea if his attorneys have managed to once again delay the process? He gets to still work everday. Still get out and drink when he wants, me and my family even saw him out fishing with his buddys at the river the other day. Can Shay go fishing? no she cant.

  3. so let me guess, the devil put it off again??