Sunday, June 8, 2014

Guest Blogs & Comments

For those who are new or who have recently asked, we are happy to publish guest blogs. We do publish them anonymously assuming there is no libelous material in them. If you plan to submit several, we recommend that you use a pen name. We are also happy to give credit for any submissions, but please let us know if you do want your real name used.

As for comments, we cannot edit them; therefore, if any libelous material is present, we cannot publish them. Readers can send the comments to our e-mail ( and we can discuss the material with you. Anything for which you have documentation will be published, assuming it concerns a public person.

An individual is considered a public person if he/she is an elected official, running for office, in the legal system (arrested/indicted/etc.) or has held a news conference on an issue. That covers most of it--if you have questions about an individual as to their status, we'll be happy to answer any questions privately.

On a side note, we once saw where the father of a well-known criminal asked how he could stop this blog from publishing his son's arrests--it hurt the poor sensitive little fella so. No, there's nothing illegal or immoral about reporting on crime. It's all public information. Do the crime, you may just see your name here or in the Quad-Cities Daily or Pen-N-Sword.


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